Edible Monterey Bay


Making barbecue sauce is similar to chutney but with a few different ingredients. I love making barbecue sauce out of fruit like blueberries or plums instead of tomatoes. I once made pulled pork sliders, slow cooked in a homemade blueberry barbecue sauce, which were topped with a mango fennel coleslaw on soft Hawaiian rolls for a birthday lunch. The guests all stopped talking. Fresh, homemade food will do that to people. Don’t you want to give it a go?



from Crafty Condiments

First you need fresh eggs, preferably pasture raised with nice bright yolks, and an oil of your choice that is liquid at room temperature. I like to use avocado oil because the flavor is neutral, but other neutral tasting oils include walnut, almond and macadamia nut. Olive oil is also good, but adds olive flavor, which is tasty but does not resemble traditional mayo like my childhood favorite: Best Foods. You may also blend olive oil with nut oils if you feel the flavor of olive is too strong. All of the forementioned oils are healthy oils to use, as is coconut oil, however it tastes very much like coconut—which may be good if you are making a tropical tasting aioli. If you … Read More