Edible Monterey Bay

Summer Recipes

Perfect for herbal, fruity cocktails.
This recipe is easy for home cooks to prepare, and since a whole fish is used, it is also visually stunning for a dinner party.
Making barbecue sauce is similar to chutney but with a few different ingredients. I love making barbecue sauce out of fruit like blueberries or plums instead of tomatoes. I once made pulled pork sliders, slow cooked in a homemade blueberry barbecue sauce, which were topped with a mango fennel coleslaw on soft Hawaiian rolls for a birthday lunch. The guests all stopped talking. Fresh, homemade food will do that to people. Don’t you want to give it a go?
Summer is the best time for stone fruit, and what a better way to savor the season than by making chutneys and barbecue sauces.
You can turn almost anything into a delicious pesto.
This will last over a month in the refrigerator, so I suggest making a big batch because you are going to find yourself wanting to drizzle it on just about everything.
My version of the infamous Neiman Marcus cookie.
A fresh, healthful and delicious way to enjoy the seasonal bounty.
Courtesy Marcos Jubane, pastry chef, Jacks Monterey, Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey
For a quick and easy summertime meal, try Monterey Farms Grilled ArtiHearts in this vegetarian pasta dish. They are almost meaty and will please even the carnivores at the table. Tarragon and snap peas add elegance to the dish.
Sweet almonds, charred red peppers and aromatic Hungarian paprika blend into a sumptuous sauce ladled over fresh pasta and topped with crispy sautéed eggplant. Serve this with a simple mix of greens, a drizzle of olive oil and a rustic loaf of bread.
Wild berries are usually smaller than cultivated ones, so I have scaled the recipe down so that you do not need to harvest so many. Wild berries are also usually more flavorful and drier than cultivated berries so you can add less sugar, and the cooking time usually is shorter.