Edible Monterey Bay

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Spring Recipes

Courtesy Toby Rowland-Jones and Good Ship Pip Pip

Courtesy Cori Goudge-Ayer, chef-partner, Persephone in Aptos

A festive dessert for any springtime occasion

Alta Bakery + Cafe in Monterey has a radicchio salad on the menu that showcases its bitter flavor by pairing it with apples, candied walnuts and lots of shaved Parmigiana-Reggiano.

This simple gingery and garlicky salmon is unassuming, but sneakily delicious.

Pink grapefruit marmalade is for real marmalade lovers. It has such a strong bitter and tart flavor that the intensity is not for every palate. But nothing compares to a thick piece of toasted bread with a thick spread of grapefruit marmalade and some really good black tea.

Microgreens are an important part of a health repertoire whether you grow them yourself or source them from a local farmer.

What other ingredient can be simply combined with water, simmered for hours and slowly emerge as a savory, complex, amber syrup?

Enjoy the decadent smooth paste of caramelized onions.

One of my favorite salmon curing methods today is Dill and Spices.

One of my favorite salmon curing methods today is Genus Ulva, also referred to as sea lettuce.

The idea was to create a martini with mezcal and I wanted to accentuate the earth element flavors of one of my favorite spirits. Flavors are like puzzle pieces—I chose modifiers that support the flavors of mezcal but don’t overpower it.

The Green Sauce Family Tree.

Give up your old-fashioned spinach and kale and their boring taste and try something new.