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Wild Berry Jam

Courtesy Jordan Champagne, Happy Girl Kitchen Co., Pacific Grove

Makes 2 cups

Wild berries are usually smaller than cultivated ones, so I have scaled the recipe down so that you do not need to harvest so many. Wild berries are also usually more flavorful and drier than cultivated berries so you can add less sugar, and the cooking time usually is shorter.

1 pound wild berries (it may take hours to harvest so enjoy the picking, not just the pie, as they say!)
1/3 cup sugar
Splash fresh lemon juice

Place the berries in a small pot with a thick bottom so that the jam will not scorch. Add the sugar and lemon juice and cook over a high heat so that it comes to a rolling boil. For such a small batch, it will likely only cook for 10–15 minutes. You may do the gel test to see when it is ready and then jar it and pop in the refrigerator.

This jam will store for one month in the fridge.

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