Edible Monterey Bay

Serving Melon

Melons are super hydrating and contain large amounts of fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Melons with orange flesh contain vitamin A while red watermelons contain lycopene—both amazing antioxidants that may help prevent cancer.

Don’t believe the myth you were told as a kid that if you swallow watermelon seeds, a watermelon will grow inside you. Melon seeds contain the amino acid arginine, are loaded with B vitamins and are a good source of magnesium, fiber, protein and heart-healthy fats.

Melons are most flavorful when served at room temperature. The trick when preparing dishes containing melons is to keep it simple. Here are some refreshing ideas utilizing melons:

1. Watermelon, feta cheese and pepitas or sunflower seeds make a delicious salad.

2. Mix melon chunks, cilantro, onions, raw jalapeños, garlic and a splash of white wine vinegar for a salsa.

3. Combine chunks of melon with fresh mint and a squeeze of lime.

4. Add melon chunks to a traditional Italian panzanella salad: tomatoes, bread cubes, basil, olive oil and vinegar. (See the Cachagua General Store’s panzanella salad recipe by going to www.ediblemontereybay.com and clicking on the “RECIPES” tab.)

Jamie Collins of Serendipity Farms has been growing organic row crops at the mouth of Carmel Valley for 12 years. She distributes her produce through a CSA, u-picks and farmers’ markets.