Edible Monterey Bay



Courtesy Emily Thomas, proprietor, The Cremer House in Felton

My grandmother was the secretary to the U.S. ambassador in several Latin countries and I was fortunate to travel with her throughout Central America, where I developed a love of Latin cooking. Panuchos are one of my favorite Yucatan street foods. Typically a late night snack made with shredded chicken or turkey, I love the depth that smoked black cod brings to them. They go great with beer.

2½ cups dried masa
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup boiling water
1 cup beer (I like a pilsner)
Smashed or refried beans
Smoked black cod (I love the one from Real Good Fish)
Cabbage slaw (finely chopped cabbage, cilantro and lime juice)
Pickled red onions (make from finely sliced red onion, white or pineapple vinegar and salt)
Additional toppings: sliced avocadoes, sliced tomatoes, finely crumbled cotija cheese,
    pickled jalapeños, habanero hot sauce and lime wedges

To make masa dough, mix first four ingredients thoroughly. The dough should be firm and springy, not dry or sticky. Let it rest for an hour, covered. Roll into 12 small balls and keep covered with plastic.

To make panuchos, flatten a ball by hand or use a tortilla press. Place on a hot, oiled griddle. Put 2 tablespoons of beans on the tortilla. Cover with another flattened masa ball. Press down with a spatula and cook until the bottom is browned. Flip and repeat. Remove from griddle and top with the cod and other toppings.

Beer-Soaked Watermelon

Watermelon, cubed
Feta cheese, sliced
Cilantro leaves
Jalapeño, thinly sliced
Gose (like Otra Vez)

Arrange cubes on a platter and gently drizzle with Gose. Place a cilantro leaf, slice of feta and jalapeño on top to make a stack.