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Courtesy Jordan Champagne, chef and proprietor, Happy Girl Kitchen Co. in Pacific Grove

Makes 1 quart

1 quart fresh cow’s milk
1 tablespoon yogurt culture (any store-bought yogurt labeled “contains live cultures,” or homemade)

Simply heat the milk to 110° F and add the tablespoon of yogurt culture. Gently stir in the culture and send in some good thoughts about the culture loving its new home and creating amazing yogurt. Let it sit in an insulated environment for 12 hours. e yogurt culture is very sensitive and does not like to be disturbed, so just let it be and do not fuss over it. After 12 hours, check it by tipping the jar to make sure that it is thickening. If it is not your desired thickness, let it go longer and be sure it is warm enough. You may need to adjust the environment somehow, by turning up the heat or adding another bottle of hot water to the cooler. e yogurt should be ready within 24 hours and will last two weeks in your refrigerator. Enjoy and remember to save some for the next batch.

To make Greek-style yogurt, simply hang your yogurt in cheesecloth for four hours or overnight. (is method strains out some of the watery whey and makes the yogurt thicker.) You can reserve the whey and use it to add a nutritional punch to smoothies, or for soaking oatmeal or making bread.

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