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1¾ ounces gin (Venus Gin No. 01 or Bombay Sapphire)
3¼ ounces Fever-Tree Tonic Water
1 2-inch block pure ice, tempered 20–30 minutes
Wedge of lime

To achieve the “glass of water” effect of a nearly perfectly clear drink, take care throughout to not agitate the ingredients. Add gin to glass. Tilt glass and pour tonic gently so as not to agitate. Gently squeeze a few drops of juice from a wedge of lime into the glass. Carefully place a large, 2-inch ice block in the glass. Drop lime wedge on top of ice block. Do not stir. Drink and enjoy!

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At Edible Monterey Bay, our mission is to celebrate the local food cultures of Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties, season by season.