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On the Bridge that Dad Built

cf069635-66fa-4a9f-a3db-475250cf1c43A commitment to delivering the best is the standard that guides Eric Barstad, founder of Monterey Bay Builders Inc. It’s a standard that’s been something of a family tradition.

Eric—a fourth-generation Monterey County resident and second-generation builder—grew up watching his father at the drafting table. Eric’s mother Janet and father Alden met while both were architecture students at UC Berkeley.

Alden Barstad designed many well-known buildings in Monterey County, from banks, schools, churches and fire stations to the development and buildings at Laguna Seca, as well as Las Palmas housing. Eric grew up on a drafting table with a deep appreciation for well-designed projects and an inherent understanding of architectural plans.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.28.25 PMAlden also put his son to work on custom homes he was building off Highway 68, and Eric found he that he really enjoyed building. After working 4 years in the Carpenters Union Local 925 and spending 7 years in framing, foundations, and finish work companies, he decided to get his general contractor’s license and established Monterey Bay Builders Inc. in 1989.

Eric’s goal is to deliver the highest level of general craftsmanship, contracting and construction management services for his clientele. His projects have included custom homes, remodels and housing tracts, restaurants to commercial and industrial projects for local produce companies.

Son Caleb on the bridge that dad built at Quail Lodge
Son Caleb on the bridge that dad built at Quail Lodge

The business that he has built with his wife Brenda takes construction projects from beginning to end, from the first consultation to the final walk-through. Monterey Bay Builders Inc. aims to simplify the building process by providing all design and construction services as well as sourcing building materials.

“We take pride in what we do,” said Eric, adding he enjoys all the different types of construction, but especially likes working on custom homes in the Monterey Bay area.

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Eric with Son Luke at 4-H shooting sports, where his father was lead architect for the original Laguna Seca Development.

Brenda reflects, “I love that our children get to cross the bridge at Quail and in that moment reflect on that connection,” she said. “Or when I’m driving down the valley road and the view opens up to Carmel Valley Ranch in all its glory, and dotted along the hillside are the homes and condos Eric has built there.” 

“For me it’s these moments that give me pause in appreciation of my husband and remembrances of my father-in-law Alden. Our children have grown up hearing stories about their grandpa, brought on by the mere passing by of one of his projects,” she says.

“We couldn’t imagine a better life or place to raise our children than with this community. We are truly grateful.”

The Barstads are now raising the family’s fifth Monterey County generation, with six children ranging from age 26 to 7, and family continues to be a vital force in their lives.

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