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Do you want more? Perhaps more time in your day, more appreciation for what you do, more financial resources for making your dreams come true?

If you read this letter regularly, you’re probably expecting us to urge caution here. We might suggest that before you risk slipping down the spiritual and existential slope that leads to a trap of insatiable, unstoppable striving, you first consider what is actually enough, and whether you’re being fully present to the riches already surrounding you. And there would be wisdom in that!

But if the “more” that you’re hungering for today is more Edible Monterey Bay, we’re going to take this opportunity to shamelessly—and sincerely—agree with you. We absolutely believe you deserve more of the goodness in these pages, and we’d like to provide it to you!

For example, did you know that late every Tuesday afternoon, EMB deputy editor Deborah Luhrman sends out a stellar e-newsletter filled with exclusive local food news and comprehensive local food event previews—as well as updates from the national good food movement?

What’s more, our newsletter has about double the so-called click-and-open rates of typical media newsletters—meaning that our readers are about twice as excited about receiving it as readers of the average newsletter are about getting theirs! We’d love to send it to you, so if you haven’t already, please put down this magazine now and go register for the newsletter at www.ediblemontereybay. com. It’s free!

And if it’s more of these print pages that you crave, there is a solution for that as well! As any of our wonderful contributors will tell you, at press time, we sadly always have more fantastic stories than we can fit in the magazine. But like any publication, we can only afford to print a certain ratio of editorial pages for every page of advertisements we receive, so our magazine size is limited by our advertising support.

And that’s where you come in. If you own or work for a local business, please consider how advertising would benefit us both. Send your questions to ads@ediblemontereybay.com. And if you become an advertising partner, you’ll find you get a different kind of more—more opportunities to collaborate on events with us and benefit from other value-added marketing opportunities. And more importantly, you’ll see more business from the folks who read your ads in EMB.

One final way to receive more Edible is simply to buy a subscription for home delivery—for yourself or someone else who might want a little more, too. Just go back to www.ediblemontereybay and click on the “Subscribe” tab.

Meantime, we hope reading the pages of this magazine will give you more joy and more interesting topics to think about than you ever imagined.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and a terrific new year,

Sarah Wood and Rob Fisher

About the author

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SARAH WOOD—founding editor and publisher of Edible Monterey Bay—has had a life-long passion for food, cooking, people and our planet.

She planted her first organic garden and cared for her first chicken when she was in elementary school in a farming region of Upstate New York.

Wood spent the early part of her career based in Ottawa, Canada, working in international development and international education. After considering culinary school, she opted to pursue her loves for writing, learning about the world and helping make it a better place by obtaining a fellowship and an MA in Journalism from New York University.

While working for a daily newspaper in New Jersey, she wrote stories that helped farmers fend off development and won a state-wide public service award from the New Jersey Press Association for an investigative series of articles about a slumlord who had hoodwinked ratings agencies and investment banks into propping him up with some early commercial mortgage securitizations. The series led Wood to spend several years in financial journalism, most recently, as editor-in-chief of the leading magazine covering the U.S. hedge-fund industry.

Wood could not be happier to now be writing and editing articles about the Monterey Bay foodshed and the amazing people who help make it so vibrant and diverse. And, after spending much of her adult life gardening on fire escapes, she’s very glad to be planting in the ground again.

Wood lives with her husband, Rob Fisher, a fourth-generation Californian, and young daughter in Carmel Valley. Their favorite meal is a picnic dinner at Pt. Lobos State Reserve.