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Vietnamese Zen monk and peacemaker, Thich Nhat Hahn, teaches a practice that he calls “looking deeply.” He says you can look at an orange and just see an orange. Or, if you look deeply, you may see the sunlight that allowed it grow. You may also see the wood of the tree from which it sprang. And you may see the water and the nutrient-rich soil that fed it, and the hands of the person who picked its fruit. All of this exists in the orange you hold in your hand if you are willing to look beyond the surface. We think that whether you are Buddhist or not, looking deeply makes for a more connected and grateful life.

We also hope that every issue of Edible Monterey Bay helps us all look a little more deeply at our remarkable local food and the equally remarkable people who grow and prepare it.

If you look deeply at the pages of this publication, you may see the countless hours of research, writing, tasting, ruminating, passionate debating, illustrating and photographing done by our many contributors. We work very hard to make every page worth savoring. One of the best rewards we get is when our readers tell us that they read the magazine cover to cover. Many have told us that they save every issue, or that they always keep a copy with them in their car, or that when they are finished reading it themselves, they share the magazine with friends and out-of-town guests. Hearing this makes all of the hard work completely worth it.

Looking deeply at this magazine in another way, you may wonder how it is financially supported. Most people who read it do not have to pay for it. Some choose to get a subscription for home delivery so that they are certain to never miss an issue, but the fee for that mostly goes to postage and handling. So what supports all of this? Our many advertisers.

There are a lot of publications out there, but our advertising partners choose to be a part of Edible Monterey Bay because they know how much our readers really care. Our partners grasp the passion with which our readers devour everything that fills this magazine—and they see that that includes our beautiful ads.

So if you value this magazine and what it does for our community, please be sure to show our advertisers some love. We know from reader surveys and advertiser feedback that most of you already do, and that is what makes our ads so valuable. But this winter, try the terrific products and services of some advertisers that you have not visited before. And when you do, be sure to thank them for supporting Edible Monterey Bay.

We wish you a holiday season and winter filled with warmth, love, good cheer and inspiring food!

Sarah Wood and Rob Fisher

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At Edible Monterey Bay, our mission is to celebrate the local food cultures of Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties, season by season.