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from Crafty Condiments

Many farmers are harvesting fresh garlic at this time of year, which is all the more reason to make my favorite simple garlic spread. You may also substitute leeks or onions in this recipe, but will need to cut them up in small chunks before roasting so the blender will be able to grind them up well. Toss 1 cup of garlic cloves or leeks in olive oil, or the oil of your choice. Roast until brown around the edges. Let cool and blend with 1 cup of oil, 1 teaspoon of salt. You can add honey mustard for an extra tasty spread, or some dried herbs or spices that you like.

Thyme, curry or chili powder make it amazing, as can adding 2 teaspoons of orange, lime or lemon juice. I like to keep it simple with this one, letting the carmelized garlic shine since it is so versatile and great on everything from roasted chicken and veggies to sandwiches and rice dishes. It will last over a month in the refrigerator, so I suggest making a big batch because you are going to find yourself wanting to drizzle it on just about everything.

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Jamie Collins is the owner of Serendipity Farms and has been growing organic row crops at the mouth of Carmel Valley since 2001. She distributes her produce through a CSA, u-picks and farmers’ markets.