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“Love without action is irrelevant, while action without love is meaningless.” —Deepak Chopra

Did you know what you were in for when you opened your first copy of Edible Monterey Bay? Honestly, we didn’t entirely know ourselves when we started the magazine seven years ago.

We had fallen in love with the Edible magazines that we’d read in Brooklyn, Ojai, Santa Barbara and elsewhere. And after Sarah had logged several interesting but soul-wearying years editing a magazine covering money-obsessed titans of high finance, she yearned to write about some of her own passions—especially food issues and the chefs, farmers and other local food world denizens who help make our region such a special place.

The opportunity to create a whole new publication aimed at nurturing and celebrating a community that we love deeply has been more rewarding than we ever dreamed. Birthing the magazine and getting it through the early years brought nearly as many sleepless nights and worries as a new flesh-and-blood baby, but it likewise brought a huge amount of wonder and joy: It’s been deeply gratifying to connect the vibrant and varied communities that make up the Monterey Bay area and to have people tell us how much EMB means to them and how they use it to explore new parts of the area. It’s also been hugely satisfying to create a place where local businesses that do so much good for our community—both in food and drink circles and in other sectors—can get their message out to readers who care about the values of community, beauty, excellence and sustainability, which they tell us the magazine represents to them.

It definitely takes a village, so we want to offer special thanks to the advertising partners who have recognized this opportunity and have played such a vital role in helping us support our local food scene. We also could not have done it without the friendship of our generous fellow publishers in the Edible Communities network.

The most important part of the village that has helped raise this baby is of course our wonderful staff and contributors, and we especially want to thank our long-time team members, Mick Freeman, Laura Hubrich, Shelby Lambert, Deborah Luhrman, Rosie Parker, Katie Reeves and Kate Robbins for their talent and hard work.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that Sarah will have more time to do that writing she set out to do when we launched the magazine, as starting with the Fall issue we’ll be passing the publishing baton on to Deborah Luhrman, EMB’s deputy editor and editor of our e-newsletter. Sarah will remain with the magazine in various capacities, but we could not be more pleased to entrust its ownership to Debby: Already an accomplished former magazine editor and careerlong journalist when she joined us, devoted readers will know her byline from some of our favorite stories, and our e-newsletter subscribers have Debby to thank for its stellar coverage of the region’s local food news and events. During the last year, she’s also played an increasingly large role in editing the magazine. So we could not imagine a smoother transition.

Way back when we were still deciding whether or not to start EMB, a local bookstore owner warned us that having a small business was like caring for a baby that never stopped crying, 24/7. Yes, it felt that way sometimes! But publishing EMB has also been an incomparable honor and an endless blast. It’s something we’ll miss, but we look forward to seeing where Debby takes it in the coming years and we wish her the very best.

Sarah Wood and Rob Fisher

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At Edible Monterey Bay, our mission is to celebrate the local food cultures of Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties, season by season.