Edible Monterey Bay



When we first explored the idea of starting this magazine, most people we talked to said, “Oh, so you’ll be creating a restaurant guide?”

Yes, part of our aim is to point you to the best local places that move our food culture forward. But as anyone in the restaurant business knows, the moment when the food hits the plate is just a heartbeat in time—and just the culmination of the fascinating story of how and why the food got there. In the pages ahead, we feature stories about foraging for dinner on a family camping trip and why and how you might want to keep your own bees. The executive chef at one of our most celebrated local restaurants steps out of his professional kitchen and takes us through the process of using creativity and local knowledge to feed five friends a meal of mostly local and organic food for just $25—total! We show you how to capture the fleeting flavor of summer’s intensely tasty tomatoes and why you might want to look into the seldom-celebrated world of heirloom melons. And we profile young local brewers and vintners who are transforming our beverage scene and giving us fresh reasons to drink local.

Our dream in starting Edible Monterey Bay two years ago was that our readers would be inspired to eat better, to know and love our community more and to support the good people who work so hard to deliver our region’s remarkable food and drink to our tables—from farmers to fishermen to bakers to retailers to winemakers—and yes, restaurateurs, too! We believe that the magazine is making a difference, and we’re especially proud to be able to connect our advertiser- supporters with a readership that is passionate about supporting local businesses. If you have a business and have not yet explored this opportunity, we’d love to hear from you. And as always, please be sure to support the businesses who already advertise with us—they share our commitment to local food and make this magazine possible.

Finally, no matter what role you play in our local food and drink culture—and this in- cludes those of you who just make a point of enjoying it—we’d like to hear from you! Just log on to www.ediblemontereybay.com and click on “READER SURVEY.” You’ll be able to enter yourself to win dinner at Mundaka restaurant in Carmel—and you’ll help us bring you more of what you want to read!

We thank you for being such wonderful and enthusiastic readers, and we hope you have a terrific—and delicious—summer.

Sarah Wood and Rob Fisher