Edible Monterey Bay


As Edible Monterey Bay enters a new phase, it’s probably the right time to answer the question why. Why did I think a local food magazine was an important project to get involved with seven years ago? And why do I choose to continue now as EMB’s new editor and publisher?

First, I love the Monterey Bay area and the way growing food is so fundamental to our local identity. I love how productive the entire region is—the year-round farms, the vineyards, the Pacific Ocean, the backyard gardens and all the fruit trees. It’s a place where the abundance of excellent-quality, clean, healthy ingredients is almost embarrassingly rich. And I love how all those ingredients inspire the region’s chefs, food artisans and small businesses—as well as us home cooks and gardeners. It has been so rewarding to bring you the stories of the creative people who make up the local food community, and it seems our list of stories to cover in the future grows longer every day. There are so many fascinating people to write about in this area, it sometimes feels we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface.

Second, it’s no secret that journalism—particularly local news—is in trouble. As someone who started out covering Santa Cruz County for local TV news many years ago and has reported from all over the world, it is alarming to witness cutbacks in our media and dwindling coverage of the place we call home. Edible Monterey Bay fills that gap by providing a place where some of our region’s best journalists and finest photographers can put their remarkable talents to work, telling stories that, unfortunately, in many cases have been squeezed out of other media.

And finally, the founders of Edible Monterey Bay, Sarah Wood and Rob Fisher, not only set high standards for journalistic excellence, they infused the magazine with a deep sense of social responsibility. They went beyond the basic premise of knowing your farmer and enjoying delicious farm-to-table cuisine to tackle vital food-related issues in every edition. Topics like the scarcity of water, climate change, sustainability, farm labor and the tough life of immigrant cooks in local restaurant kitchens are familiar to readers of EMB thanks to the efforts of Sarah and Rob and their tremendous capacity for empathy and compassion.

Continuing to report on those impactful issues is important to me, and that’s what EMB will continue to offer—along with heaping helpings of fun stories and mouth-watering food!

As we begin our eighth year, we are so grateful to our supporters: the community of advertisers that makes publication of Edible Monterey Bay possible, and to you, our dear readers, for cheering us along the way on this journey. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have the chance to lead this endeavor.

Enjoy our fall issue!

Deborah Luhrman