Edible Monterey Bay

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Fall Recipes

This jam has a rich red tomato color with a velvety smooth finish.

Marinating the sweet summer tomatoes and other veggies release their juice, making this salad-soup hybrid the perfect dish for a hot day, especially with a chunk of good bread.

This is a sweet twist on scalloped potatoes.

The McFam Farm out in the upper reaches of Carmel Valley raises and sells chicken directly from the ranch. Owners Iris and Aaron McGilloway are both …

Chef Johnathan Jeronimo says the primary purpose of this cocktail is to up the brightness mezcal has to offer while adding flavors that mate with its rich smokiness. “Ilegal Mezcal gets a spicy friend with the poblano chile liqueur, plus basil and yellow chartreuse for an herbaceous aspect,” he says. “That all gets refreshed with the cooling cucumber and lime juice.”

Bacon needs no introduction. Known and beloved (sometimes even by vegetarians) it is a perfect marriage of flavors; salty and sweet, fatty and crunchy and full of savor. Yet, dare I say, if you have not made bacon at home, you have not truly tasted bacon in all its glory.

This recipe sounds fancy and tastes fancy too, yet there is nothing complicated about this dish. It’s just quality ingredients and an easy infusion technique that elevates these greens and highlights their natural, complex texture.

These dishes are crunchy, they’re crispy and they can be started from scratch around 5pm and be hot on your dinner table for a late supper.