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Monterey Bay Fall Farmers’ Markets

A complete guide to the markets in our tri-county region

By Amber Turpin
Photo by Margaux Gibbons  


Everyone thinks of summer as the peak of the growing season. After all, it’s summer when we’re overrun with squash, green beans, stone fruit, cucumbers and—who would have thought? We might even be sick of strawberries!

But really, around the Monterey Bay region, the beginning of fall is the most abundant time of year. This true harvest season offers a coalescence of summer and fall, overflowing our market totes with the best of both. Tomatoes, corn and melon are bursting at the seams, while apples, grapes and butternut squash roll into the markets. Baskets are full, Mason jars are stacked, counter space gets limited and we try to remind ourselves that these golden days will soon take a bow to sweater weather—and many markets will shut down for the season.

So in the meantime, make it a point to get to your local farmers’ markets and stock up… Those pickles are always a welcome pick-me- up in the dark stretch of winter. And you’ll even be glad you put up those strawberry preserves! 

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