Edible Monterey Bay

The Catahoula

“The king of this farm is their wonderful pup—my dog’s best friend—a Catahoula named Ruger,” he says. “Naming the drink after his breed was a playful way to stretch the traditional ingredients of a greyhound. Incorporating the salt that would normally sit on the rim of your glass into the cocktail perfectly enhances the sweet, acidic and bitter tastes of this drink.”


Sierra Mar was my first real cooking job out of culinary school. Chef Craig was an incredible mentor to me and many other young cooks who had the opportunity to spend time in his kitchen. His chanterelle risotto recipe remains one of my all-time favorite mushroom dishes. Sometimes it’s impossible to improve on a classic recipe and I hope you will enjoy this iconic Big Sur dish! Chef Craig was kind enough to let us use this classic recipe that was originally published in the Sierra Mar cookbook.