Edible Monterey Bay

Honey-Infused Dark Chocolate Truffles

Courtesy Camilla M. Mann

Admittedly, after observing worker bees flying in and out of a hive with the pollen baskets on their knees stuffed with pollen, I felt a twinge of guilt using bee pollen in my kitchen. Am I still a thief, I pondered, if I am not the one harvesting the pollen? Probably. Still, one bite of these will make you abandon any remorse…for a moment.

Honey-Infused Dark Chocolate Truffles


  • 12 ounces high-quality, semisweet or bittersweet choco- late, chopped into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup organic heavy whipping cream
  • 1 tablespoon bee pollen
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Additional semisweet chocolate for dipping Granulated honey, bee pollen and unsweetened cocoa powder for garnish


  1. In a small, heavy saucepan, bring the whipping cream and honey to a simmer. Place
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Guilt Free Burgers

Ground Up

A burger that’s about as good for you as it can be—and you can get it with kimchee, too!

Story and Photos by Camilla M. Mann 

By now most of the food- and health-obsessed among us know that eating your average fast- food burger is about the worst thing you could do for your body, what with the high fat, po- tential pathogens and mystery ingredients— and that’s not to mention supporting pollution-creating, inhumane and unsanitary feedlot conditions for the cows and often poor working conditions at the big meat processing plants and fast food restaurants.

But happily for those interested in a more healthful option, some local burger joints, old and new, have been working to change that. For example, there is Burger., the Santa Cruz and

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A Taste of Paradise

A Taste of Paradise

A local caterer takes cooking from scratch to an inspired level

By Ray Patterson 

When Jon Kasky and Nancy Rohan travel abroad, they always make it a point to seek out exotic heirlooms, smuggling the goods home in their luggage.

But this is no clandestine tale about illegal contraband. The couple could care less about expensive antiquities. Instead, the owners of Paradise Catering in Carmel Valley focus their attention on rare seeds forgotten by a homogeneous world with a commercial appetite.

For example, during a trip to Umbria, Italy, in 2009, they uncovered seeds for Cicoria (orchidea), an orchid-colored radicchio that dates back generations in that region. The seeds have since sprouted, and share ground on the couple’s 1-acre farm in the hills above the village

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Fountain of Health

Fountain of Health

Creative Cultures taps into the healing power of fermentation—and bottles the delicious results

By Elizabeth Limbach 

When Kelly Dearie’s husband, Charlie, was told that he had the hips of a 130-year-old man at the age of 32, a wall of despair hit the fam- ily. In addition to concluding that he would inevitably end up in a wheelchair and need a hip replacement, doctors said that Charlie, who suffered from an autoimmune disorder, needed his spleen removed, which would mean risking death in surgery.

The couple decided to ignore this grim diagnosis and seek answers outside of the Western medical establishment. “It felt so wrong that we knew there had to be something besides what they were saying,” Kelly says. They found what they were looking for

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Two of our talented contributors catch the spotlight

By Sarah Wood

Moving to Santa Cruz wasn’t originally part of Ted Holladay’s plan, and the founder of the thriving Santa Cruz design firm, Studio Holladay, admits that when he first moved to the city 15 years ago, he had something of a love-hate relationship with it. But that’s all changed for him.

“There was this tipping point four to five years ago. Some positive influences and new businesses started to transform Santa Cruz,” says Holladay, who now deeply loves his city, and works remarkably hard through community organizations and his own design work to help continue that transformation into a more beautiful, prosperous and creative Santa Cruz.

One of his projects has been “Impact 831.com,” a series of gorgeous, light-filled

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