Edible Monterey Bay

Outpouring of Support for Sante Arcangeli Grand Opening

July 16, 2019 – When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Thankfully, John and Melanie Benedetti, beloved owners of Sante Arcangeli Winery, have a lot of tough friends, who pulled together to get the new tasting room in Aptos Village open as of Saturday, July 13. Largely due to efforts of neighboring shop owners and longtime friends, Ellen and Eric Gil, along with a band of volunteers, the grand opening brought in a big crowd, even though it was only announced in a 10pm social media post the night before

The opening crew at Sante Arcangeli

That this tasting room is open and running smoothly, is a testament to the huge love and support that the entire community surrounding Sante Arcangeli team has brought to bear in a … Read More

OPS Keeps Pace with Organic Growth

July 16, 2019 – Reflecting the robust growth in sales of organic produce, the 4th annual Organic Produce Summit held in Monterey last week attracted more than 1,600 participants and 148 exhibitors—doubling in size since it launched in 2015.

The event provides a good opportunity for organic produce buyers and sellers to mingle and it offered lots of food for thought from two inspiring keynote speakers: organic activist Robyn O’Brien and renowned chef Dan Barber.  

In a riveting and emotional presentation, O’Brien told the story of how she went from being a high-powered corporate financial analyst to an advocate for clean and healthy food.

For her, the a-ha moment came when her daughter had an allergic reaction to standard American breakfast foods. Her analytical skills kicked in at that point and led … Read More

APRICOT HEAVEN by Lisa Prince Newman

July 9, 2019 – California’s favorite fruit, the Blenheim apricot, will arrive in local markets by mid-July. The Blenheim has the power to enchant adults and children alike with its gorgeous color, sweet perfume, and perfectly balanced sweet/tart flavor. Jams, nectar, syrup, pies, and pastry reach perfection with this variety of apricot, which is uniquely adapted to the Bay Area’s moderate coastal climate.

Photo: Eric Larson

The Blenheim apricot and its heirloom cousins, the Moorpark and Alameda-Hemskirke, shared international fame with the French Prune for nearly 100 years, when the Santa Clara Valley was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Back then, orchards spread across the Valley in every direction. In springtime, visitors from around the Bay Area, across California, and even distant parts of the world, came … Read More

Local Wineries Shine At Sunset Wine Competition

July 2, 2019 – Everybody knows Sunset magazine, for its unabashed love affair with all things American West. After a two-year hiatus, due to changes of ownership with the publication, the Sunset Wine Competition returned to the world stage. It attracted over 2700 entries, and many of them came from right here in our backyard. The field was tight, the quality was high and the overall feeling of the judges was that these were some of the best wines we’d judged all year. 

The final sweepstakes round, where Best White, Best Red, Best Sparkling, Best Dessert and Best of Show are chosen, was especially tough, with 31 excellent wines vying for our attention.

Among them, were some of the following Double Gold and Best of Class wines, from the Santa … Read More

Big Sur Smokehouse in Soft Opening

June 25, 2019 – Big Sur doesn’t get new restaurants too often. Which makes the new Big Sur Smokehouse—and its grand opening July 4 (patience, please!)—a special bit of foodie fireworks. 

The smokehouse will serve classic barbecue in the historic and iconic little red homestead that dates back to the 1800s and sits right on top of Highway 1, at the foot of the entrance to Ventana Big Sur. 

But don’t expect creaky boards and splinters in your sauce. The remade interior has been impressively modernized, while picnic tables and familiar aesthetics remain on the outdoor patio.

Big Sur Smokehouse leadership says its approach to barbecue “pays homage to the hole-in-the-wall diners and roadside shacks that have long dotted the awe-inspiring drive along Highway 1.” 

“It equally honors the legacy … Read More