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Staff of Life Reopens Hot Food and Salad Bars

Staff of Life’s Watsonville store is at 906 East Lake Ave.

Friday, July 16 – As the pandemic winds down locally, Staff of Life natural food pioneer has reopened its self-serve hot foods and salad bars at its Santa Cruz store and opened them for the first time at its new Watsonville market.

Customers are asked to sterilize their hands before using the self-service areas and utensils are changed every two hours to help keep the hot foods bar and salad bar clean.

Customers can build their fresh salads with all types of ingredients including choice of greens, tomatoes, cabbage, cheese, grilled chicken or grilled tofu, mushrooms, cucumbers, olives and much more. Choices on our hot bar include carnitas, chicken dishes, grilled and roasted vegetables, pasta, vegetarian entrees, and sides including our famous mac and cheese, rice, beans, mashed potatoes and other delicious choices. The hot bars also offer a rotating menu of hot soups ready to grab and go.

Oven roasted chicken with mushrooms and onions is a customer favorite.

The hot and salad bar in Santa Cruz is open for breakfast starting at 8 am, and lunch and dinner run from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Watsonville salad bar hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with the hot bar open for lunch and dinner starting at 11:30 to 6:00 pm

Staff of Life Hot and Salad bars are a great option to grab a quick to-go lunch or dinner. In addition, the Staff of Life deli has freshly made to order sandwiches, fresh scratch- made entrees such as chicken and veggie pot pies, burritos, individual quiches, and a large variety of grab and go foods. Items change daily.

Started in 1969, Staff of Life is a Santa Cruz tradition. It has been locally owned and managed for over 50 years.

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