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Sante Adairius details expansion to Santa Cruz

61941_466709806732180_1682504652_nJanuary 3, 2017 – If the thrill of the hunt is a contributing factor in making Sante Adairius Rustic Ales so destination-worthy in beer circles near and far, then their upcoming expansion to the much easier-to-find location on Water Street in midtown Santa Cruz could mark a dip in business. But anyone who actually knows their inspired, “rustic” beers would say never fear, this brewery will continue to create buzz no matter where we find them. And don’t worry, assures co-owner Adair Paterno, “we will be keeping the current production space and tasting room.” So you can still hunt for it, if you prefer.

Over the last five years, business partners (and former life partners) Paterno and Tim Clifford have built up quite a following for their small-batch, mostly Belgian-style, yeast-driven beer—all from a tiny warehouse space in an industrial park on the outskirts of Capitola. In 2015, their Saison Bernice was listed as one of the top twenty best beers in the world by TIME Magazine as well as best Belgian-Style Ale on ratebeer.com. That’s a big deal, especially considering the small space of origin.

The new space is located at 1315 Water St. in a building that once housed Staff of Life natural foods and, more recently, Blythe and Bonny gift shop.

It seems fitting for the business (those in the know refer to the brewery as SARA) to expand its capacity a bit, since demand is not going to diminish anytime soon. While many details for the new spot are still being kept under wraps, Paterno says that they “are hoping for a spring opening (April or May). The space will be a combination of barrels and packaging equipment with a tasting room in the front.”

They will not be able to actually make wort (end result of the mash liquid prior to fermenting into beer) in the Santa Cruz location, which means the original brewhouse will continue to be essential for production. “We will not have wort-production capabilities at the new space, so wort will be produced in Capitola and then transported to Water Street in totes for fermentation and aging in barrels there.” explains Paterno.

And while we’re not holding our breath just yet, we can probably expect a bigger selection of SARA beers. “Because the new space will allow us to expand our production generally, it is likely that there will be a greater diversity of beers available across both locations,” Paterno hints.

In addition, “a small, limited menu will be available,” she adds, but from a “very small kitchen.” Which she enticingly did not provide any more clues about. “I’m not ready to put the food options out there yet,” she said. So we will just have to wait.

The one thing Paterno is most excited about? “Getting the project finished…It’s been a slog,” she adds.

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