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Ron Mendoza Eyes New Seaside Venture in Brewery

January 15, 2019 – Talented pastry chef Ron Mendoza has a new venture up his sleeve. Since leaving Revival Ice Cream last September, we’ve been anxiously awaiting his next project and it turns out he will be teaming up with friends from Other Brother Olive Oil to open what he calls a “temple of fermentation” at the Other Brother Beer Co. — under construction at 877 Broadway in Seaside.

Mendoza says he plans to sub-lease kitchen space inside the 7,000 square foot brewery and prepare foods based on Other Brother products, like olive oil gelato, breads using spent grains and beer floats.

“I used to use their olive oil at Revival and we developed a friendship through our mutual love for skateboarding,” Mendoza says. The new business will be called Ad Astra Bread and already has an Instagram account and a website under construction: www.adastrabread.com

“It’s not necessarily going to be just a bakery. What we want to do is base things off of fermentation in a super casual, counter service environment, almost like having a food truck inside their place.”

While Mendoza’s project is still in the early-planning stages and the brewery is not expected to open until summer, he is clearly excited about the possibilities and has already talked to a contractor about building out the new kitchen.

“It’s a good-sized production space and probably big enough to send out food and push out other products to the community,” he says.

Sourdough cinnamon rolls are one of tempting items he’s thinking of making, using starter he has kept alive for the past 13 years while working at Aubergine in Carmel and at Revival Ice Cream. Dog biscuits using spent brewery grain are another possibility.

Seaside is undergoing an artisanal food renaissance with the opening of The Meatery on Fremont Blvd last year and Counterpoint Coffee Shop and Recording Studio opening this week on Broadway. In addition to the new brewery and Mendoza’s food business, a Broadway restaurant by Klaus Georis is planned for later this year. 

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