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Manresa’s David Kinch Planning New Cookbook

January 22, 2019 – David Kinch, chef-proprietor of the 3-starred Manresa and owner of The Bywater and Manresa Bread as well as a long-time Santa Cruz resident, is getting ready to write his second cookbook.

Kinch’s first cookbook, the best-selling and critically-acclaimed Manresa: An Edible Reflection, written with Christine Muhlke with photography by Eric Wolfinger, offered copious essays from Kinch about his philosophy and inspirations, as well as detailed recipes for producing dishes exactly as they were made at the time by he and the other chefs and cooks in Manresa’s fine-dining kitchen.

Kinch’s first cookbook

For the new cookbook, Kinch is partnering with Devin Fuller, a former Manresa team member and a long-time guest at the raucous dinner parties he throws for his personal friends. The very private chef is not sharing a lot about the content just yet, but the idea is to offer more easily executed recipes and techniques for making the dishes that Kinch cooks on his days off.

“I want the book to be accessible. I want people to look at the recipes and feel they can do every single one,” Kinch says.

Still, he says that he also doesn’t want to be “patronizing” and suggest that the recipes will be easy or take no time to make.

“I don’t want people to think they’re going to read this book, they’re going to throw some things in a pot and things are going to magically appear, because that’s not what cooking’s about. Everything is all about the effort you put into it,” Kinch says. “I want to teach people some basic skills and show them some simple recipes that will stay with them and enrich their lives.”