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Klaus Georis Launches New Dinner Series

Klaus Georis Launches New Dinner Series

April 2, 2019 – Chef Klaus Georis is launching what he calls a “six-month residency” at the Stationaery in Carmel ahead of opening his highly-anticipated new restaurant in Seaside later this year.

Beginning this week, Georis will be serving a four-course prix fixe dinner at the Stationaery every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

“I’m using this as a pilot project to try out the style of food I cook and see how people receive it,” says Georis, who describes his style as minimalistic and European. 

A menu posted for the first dinner of the residency starts with Parmesan and black truffle soup, followed by white asparagus with iberico ham, fermented asparagus and elderflower honey. The third course listed is grain porridge with green garlic, aged goat cheese and ramps and the fourth is aged beef with spinach and alliums. The cost is $55.

But Georis cautions that the menu may change before the weekend, depending on what’s available. “I just got a phone call from a fisherman with a load of fresh halibut, so that might be hard to pass up,” he says.

He says his cuisine relies heavily on preservation and fermentation using techniques he honed working in Belgium from 2014 to 2017 at Michelin-starred restaurants that specialized in open fire cooking and multi-course tasting menus.

One of the techniques he learned was making a Japanese-style soy sauce from kitchen trimmings. “We take trimmings from meat, fish or vegetables—what other people consider waste—and add koji and salt and let it ferment to make our own soy sauce,” he says. “It helps eliminate waste and adds umami to everything we cook.”

Klaus is the brother of Max Georis, who just opened Counterpoint Coffee shop and recording studio on Broadway in Seaside right across the street from site of the upcoming restaurant. Their father is restaurateur Walter Georis and Klaus had been working in his father’s restaurant Casanova until recently, when Matt Zimny stepped in as chef.

Prep work for Klaus’ residency dinners will take place at Casanova and he plans to walk the ingredients over to the Stationaery when it closes at 3pm. Anthony and Alissa Carnazzo, who own the Stationaery, say they plan to continue their monthly pop up dinners. The next one celebrates spring and takes place on April 19.

Georis’ new restaurant on Broadway in Seaside is under construction. Although he’s not sure yet what it will be called, he says all cooking will be done over an open fire grill. They are aiming for a November opening.