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Chef Jason Franey leaving 1833

67704e46-f4b3-4c74-b0bb-7f7bf31ab095June 14, 2016 – Executive chef Jason Franey of Monterey’s Restaurant 1833 is leaving in August to start his own restaurant. “I’ve always dreamt of opening my own restaurant and am excited to finally make it happen,” says Franey, adding only that it would be somewhere in Northern California, perhaps even in the Monterey Bay area.

Franey arrived at 1833 in December 2014 from the award-winning Canlis in Seattle and feels he has accomplished what he set out to achieve.  “Absolutely. It’s a bittersweet departure, but it’s been such a pleasure to join the Coastal Luxury Management team and make the move from Seattle out to California. Monterey has some of the best ingredients in the country,” he adds.

Sous chef Mikey Adams, who has been working at 1833 under Franey for the past year and a half, will take over as exec chef, rolling out his own new menu in August.

“Mikey is a star and I’m thrilled to pass the torch on to him,” says Franey. “His innate passion and attention to detail comes from his strong experience.”

Adams has worked in some of San Francisco’s top restaurants including Central Kitchen and One Market helped with menu development at 1833 under opening chef Levi Mezick.

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