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Briske to open restaurant AND farmers’ market eatery

6e44c47a-128d-498a-9169-ae90c9ce46baAugust 16, 2016 – Just weeks after announcing plans to open his own restaurant in the Santa Cruz area, chef Brad Briske says his future will also include serving food at the Live Oak Farmers’ Market.

“It’s a community-supported street food concept, with $10 dishes to feed people on a regular basis with food that’s healthy and local,” says Briske, whose last day at La Balena in Carmel was Friday.

“People need to eat everyday and they’re not going to go to a fancy, boutique-y kind of restaurant every day,” he adds. Briske says he wants to get the new restaurant off the ground before launching the farmers’ market business and he is not sure yet what form it will take.

“Eventually we want to have a food truck, but we are looking into permitting issues with the city and different ways to make this work,” he says. “The farmers’ market has always been such an important part of our community and the Live Oak market is mostly about food and hanging out on a Sunday morning.”

A long-time favorite at the Live Oak market, Fran Grayson’s Truck Stop is pulling out of her Sunday morning spot due to the increased demands of her new business, Steamer Lane Supplies at Lighthouse Field. 

Briske used to work as a vendor at the Live Oak market, helping out his friends at Fogline Farm back when he was a chef at Main Street Garden restaurant, just down the road from the farm.

As for launching two new businesses at the same time, Briske seems unfazed. He’s used to serving food to masses of fans at La Balena and Il Grillo, as well as food & wine events and farm-to-table dinners. We’re certain that wherever Brad chooses to cook, the crowds are sure to follow.