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Beloved UC Santa Cruz garden manager Orin Martin puts a lifetime of knowledge into a new book

A garden can be an earthly paradise, but it’s a working paradise—one where rewards flow in proportion to the gardener’s care, sweat and devotion. If anyone is proof of this theory it’s Orin Martin, whose enviable fate for the past 40 years has been managing the Alan Chadwick Garden at UC Santa Cruz—a three-acre Eden of breathtaking loveliness and diversity.

Martin also tends the orchards at UCSC’s Farm & Garden agricultural training program, and teaches classes, workshops and seminars to students, apprentices and local home gardeners.

Martin’s long-awaited book, Fruit Trees for Every Garden: An Organic Approach to Growing Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Citrus, and More, released Aug. 27 by Ten Speed Press, … Read More




Behind the scenes with a couple that tends two of the area’s most beautiful gardens

The fog-shrouded luxury of Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn and the roadside bustle of Earthbound Farm’s Carmel Valley Farm Stand are 30 miles apart, and seem to inhabit different worlds.

But these destinations share deep roots in Monterey County agriculture, and their glorious gardens are the work of the Two Farmers—a husband-andwife organic farming team dedicated to merging the worlds of art and agriculture.

Janna Jo Williams and Anton Tymoshenko are self-described “dirt farmers” with decades of experience coaxing everything from salad mix to tigerstriped figs from the fertile soil.

Janna Jo just celebrated her 21st year with Earthbound Farm, where she tends the fields surrounding the company’s historic farm stand … Read More


Quench your thirst for hard
cider by making it at home

I first tasted hard cider in a scruffy London pub, in a previous century, when I was maybe 22 years old. I innocently asked the barman if the “cider” on the chalkboard menu had alcohol in it. “Yes, it does,” he barked, with an eye roll that silently added, “You nitwit.” But he pulled a short draw from the tap and planted it on the bar in front of me. It was a lovely amber color and smelled of apples—a welcome alternative to strong, warm British beer. I drank a lot of cider for the next week or two then returned to the States where I didn’t see it again for years.

Hard apple cider, like mushy peas and … Read More