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Sangria Debuts New Menu and Paella, Grand Opening June 22

What do you do when you want to ratchet up the authenticity of your wine bar, which just happens to have the name “Sangria?” You bring in the experts. 

Owners Robert and Colleen Mann of Sangria Wine and Tapas Bar in Carmel Valley Village, recently hired the talented and engaging Pablo Antinao, as the new general manager. He is a long time Monterey resident, who originally hails from Los Angeles, Chile, a city of around 3,000. Antinao, a social worker by trade, who decided to pursue his real passion in the wine industry, joins Sangria from the recently shuttered Bakai, a wine bar concept he helped establish in Monterey in 2016. 

Antinao, whose background includes working at Hotel Del Lago, a five-star hotel and restaurant in Chile, credits his father, … Read More

The Legend Expands: Folktale Four Years On

Storybook-style Folktale Winery is just one of many projects entrepreneur Greg Ahn has initiated in the Monterey Bay area over the last four years. He’s rather rapidly building an empire of hospitality, encompassing vineyards, winemaking, restaurants, entertainment and (coming soon) a bakery and pizzeria.

It all stems from Ahn’s love of hiring the best people he can find to execute his vision in their own creative ways. He looks for people burning with creative desire. That includes winemaker David Baird.

Says Baird, “Everybody needs someone to believe in them, to give them an opportunity to test themselves and to grow.” Baird should know. Ahn gave him that big break, and he’s been elevating the wine program at Folktale ever since. The results are in the barrel and in the bottle, … Read More

Caraccioli Sparkles Beyond The Bubbles

June 4, 2019 – As he popped the cork on his latest releases—the 2013 Caraccioli Brut Rosé and the 2013 Cuvée Brut—winegrower Scott Caraccioli expressed pride in these particular bottlings, which incorporate estate fruit from his family’s Escolle Vineyard for the first time. 

“I feel this is the most balanced and perfectly composed vintage, with a mid-palate richness right out of the gate,” he says.

Scott Caraccioli

He explains that the Brut Rosé was released in the fall of 2018, as the red wine adds a sweetness that helps carry it to an earlier maturity, whereas the Brut really needs time after the dosage is added.

Caraccioli feels extremely fortunate to have apprenticed under the late Michel Salgues, a Frenchman who worked at the famed Roederer house of sparkling wine … Read More



Paicines Ranch shepherdess Jess Maier runs her Katahdin flock back home after a stay at Calera Vineyards, photo by Alicia Arcidiacono

Pasture-raised protein is plentiful in the Monterey Bay foodshed, if you know where to find it

Do you want some of the healthiest, most sustainable natural protein available? Think pasture-raised meats. In the old days, before factory farms turned the food chain upside down and inside out, farmers let their animals graze naturally on grasses that spring from the earth. Livestock turned green carbohydrates into protein, while recycling the rest to create healthy manure, which was then used to build soil and fertilize other crops. This is the ultimate closed-loop recycling system, aka regenerative agriculture.

Choosing pasture-raised meats avoids the intense resource consumption involved in feedlots, where most beef … Read More




Prudy Foxx spreads the word on holistic vineyard management throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains

Viticulture consultant Prudy Foxx has a dirty little secret. In fact, it’s all about dirt. While the French term terroir is indelibly more romantic, it all comes down to the soil and all the life that is teeming inside of it. If the soil isn’t healthy, nothing that grows in it can be optimally beneficial for those who consume it. The food chain, wine included, depends on healthy soils.

“In farming, at least what has become regarded as ‘conventional’ farming, it’s all about inputs to maximize yield,” says Foxx. “This is exactly the opposite of the goals of ultra-premium wine production.”

Foxx has a deep love of all things … Read More