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New Leaf Community Market Grows a New Store in Aptos

Historic inspiration combines with the best in food and wellness at the recently opened New Leaf Community Market in Aptos, the heart of the long-anticipated Aptos Village development. The supermarket is nestled in the center of the pedestrian-friendly development, offering all the necessities and much more.

In keeping with the small-town feel of the development, the market was placed in a very special historic building—the remodeled and repositioned Hihn Apple Barn, built by Frederick Augustus Hihn in the early 1890s. The barn was the focus of the local apple industry for decades. 

The remodel has retained the historic walls and rafters, but everything inside the store is brand-new, energy-efficient and ready for the 21st century.

“The intent is for us to be a hub for the community,” says Forrest … Read More



Fisherman Eric Hodge off the coast of Santa Cruz. Photo by David Hills.

Groundfish make a comeback, but consumers need to get reacquainted

Groundfish used to be the linchpin of California commercial fishing—a year-round, reliable catch of tender white fish that consumers were eager to buy. But that all came to a halt almost two decades ago after populations plummeted from overfishing.

Now, in a remarkable development, California groundfish—which include about 60 types of rockfish as well as sand dabs, Petrale sole and other bottom-dwelling species—have rebounded dramatically, some species decades earlier than anticipated, thanks to long-term fishing restrictions and careful monitoring of fishermen’s catch.

It’s an environmental success story that shows the resiliency of nature and what can be achieved when people work together for a common goal.

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Beerded Bean Set to Open Friday in Salinas

May 28, 2019 – A combination coffee house/brew pub is the latest addition to Oldtown Salinas, promising not only house-roasted coffee drinks, but also a selection of craft beers and live entertainment.

The Beerded Bean, at 210 Main Street, is set for a soft opening this Friday and a grand opening on Saturday. The soft opening on Friday will be from 6am-5pm and the grand opening on Saturday will be 6am-9pm, with live music starting at 10am. 

Right now, the Bean is serving coffee only, but beer service is anticipated in the next six weeks or so, according to partner Ernest Rodriguez.

The logo on the storefront says it all: a coffee bean with a green “beard” made of hops, with the slogan, “Best of Both Brews.” The hybrid hangout is … Read More

Masterpieces on a Plate at Arts Center’s Bistro 112

Bistro One Twelve—the café that serves The Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz—is not just a place to eat, it’s the heart of this one-of-a-kind arts community.

Here, residents and business owners can get breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as coffee any time of day. In the afternoons, it’s a place where kids come to do homework or just to hang out. In the evenings, it’s a gathering place with a friendly pub atmosphere. 

And not only does it have all this, owner/chef Shannon Madison also makes sure all the menu offerings are fresh, organic and made from scratch, with an emphasis on sourcing local ingredients.

“I’m a stickler for details,” says Madison, who handles many tasks for the bistro on her own—personally picking up food items from local … Read More