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Can a new “fish hub” revive the Monterey Bay fishing industry?

Reviving an industry: Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust executive director Sherry Flumerfelt, above left hopes a new “fish hub” will help create the increased demand for local fish that fishermen like John Pennisi, above right, need for their fishing businesses to thrive.

Third-generation Monterey fisherman John Pennisi is preparing to relaunch his boat, The Irene’s Way, after eight years of keeping it docked. “It’s almost like starting all over again,” he says.

Pennisi’s return to fishing Monterey’s waters, hopefully by early 2018, is part of a wider comeback for the Monterey Bay fishing industry that is being nurtured by the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust.

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Reset Your Gut with Kitchen Witch Bone Broth’s Souper Cleanse

Kitchen Witch Bone Broth has enjoyed sustained growth since it was last featured in Edible Monterey Bay two years ago. The artisanal, small-batch bone broth purveyor has swelled from three employees—founders Magali Brecke, Missy Woolstenhlume and Rhiannon Henry—to 10, from producing 200 jars of broth a week to close to a thousand, and from a customer pick-up model to shelf presence in some 45 retail outlets as far north as Sonoma and as far south as Los Angeles.

But some things have—quite intentionally—stayed exactly the same. “It’s been a big theme for us to maintain the integrity we had when we were really small,” explains Brecke, who heads the kitchen and is the nutritional brains behind the operation. “We haven’t changed that much. It’s still a 24-hour simmer, the bones are … Read More

On the Farm: Fear in the Fields

For third-generation farmer Maria Inés Catalán, agriculture is her culture. The 55-year-old owner of Catalán Family Farm in Hollister is carrying on a tradition passed down from her grandfather, who was a farmer in Mexico, to her father, who came to the United States as a contract laborer in the 1960s, and mother, who worked in American fields for 30 years.

Catalán was the last in her family to immigrate to the United States from their home state of Guerrero, Mexico. Then 25 years old, she worked for large ag companies picking vegetables like lettuce, spinach and peppers. Several years later, she and her siblings tagged along with their mother to a talk about organic agriculture, and Catalán was hooked: She embarked on a three-year training program at the Rural

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The Picnic Basket offers
a true taste of Santa Cruz

Left: Co-creators: Picnic Basket owners Zach Davis and Kendra Baker.
Right: The Picnic Basket’s Market Salad.
Photos by Ted Holladay

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the city’s most iconic tourist attraction— drawing three million visitors each year—and yet its dining options don’t exactly scream “Santa Cruz.”

Despite the bounty of fresh local and organic foods in the area, the amusement park is unsurprisingly lined with funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy and an astounding array of deep-friend specialties. Luckily for those who like their roller coasters—but prefer to fuel up on something other than deep-fried Twinkies afterward— the Boardwalk area now boasts a restaurant that actually embodies the region’s culinary potential.

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Local groups are working to help ensure you do

Photo by Rob Fisher

What do shoppers across the European Union as well as in China, Japan and Brazil know that American consumers do not?

They know whether or not the foods they eat contain GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. Right now, most food labels in the U.S. give Americans no hint of whether a food contains GMOs, but thanks in part to the efforts of concerned citizens here in our region, Californians will be able to weigh in on the matter through a ballot initiative in November.

As part of the statewide push to put a GMO labeling requirement on the California November ballot, 100 volunteers with the group GMO-Free Santa Cruz gathered 15,544 signatures earlier this year in support … Read More