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It’s back-to-school season, the perfect time to up your culinary game

For some of us, cooking is an intuitive activity that channels seamlessly from our hearts and minds to our hands. For others, not so much. It can be a daily challenge to figure out how to make something edible from start to finish, let alone something that you (and your family) would want to eat again. These days, our country is cooking less and less and eating out more and more. We are strapped for time, and in the age of convenience food, cooking is one activity that often gets skipped for that takeout window. But that’s a pity. Cooking is so fun! And such a great outlet, especially after a stressful day. We are … Read More

Black Point Market Touts New Concept in Convenience

June 11, 2019 – “Good things come to those who wait” is a fitting slogan for Black Point Market, the looooong awaited grocery store-deli-bakery-coffee shop mash-up that has finally opened on East Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. A year ago, co-owner Sasha Nemchonok said they would be open in three to six weeks, but then reality hit hard.

“We ended up getting ahead of ourselves,” he reflects, but “you can’t rush bureaucracy.” A stop work order put them back to square one, but today, all of that is behind them as they welcome in a stream of happy customers. “It’s been good, the community really needed a place right here,” says Nemchonok.

The affable, customer service superstar has been in the food world for over 10 years. He found himself … Read More

SF Rising Star Chef Joins La Posta

La Posta’s new chef Dante Cecchini

April 9, 2019 – We all know that change can be bittersweet. And for many of us who recently learned about the changes happening at La Posta in Santa Cruz, a little bit of remorse might be felt at the thought of seeing chef Katherine Stern’s delicious food go away.

Stern, who helmed the local gem for almost a decade, and whose dishes transformed many patrons into regulars over that time, has left the restaurant to pursue her own next steps. But the shift has been amenable and the departure was on very good terms.

She says, “I am grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to serve as head chef at La Posta for the last nine years. I was fortunate … Read More